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Case Study


Teledermatology making a difference

Courtesy of NZ Telehealth Forum


Telehealth is about using technology to enable new ways of providing health care when patients
and care providers cannot be in the same place.

Waikato DHB dermatologist, Amanda Oakley, has been interested in using technology to provide teledermatology services since 1995.

“Consultations using technology started to gain momentum in the 1990s. In the US, teledermatology was an early telehealth adopter and it proved to be very effective. I was introduced to the concept in 1995 by Professor Richard Wootton, who is the current head of research at the Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine. We joined the UK Multicentre Teledermatology Trials and demonstrated safety and efficacy of video conference consultations for dermatological diagnoses.”

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