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Guidance for Multidisciplinary Meetings

Guidance for implementing high-quality multidisciplinary meetings - 2/10/2012

The Guidance for implementing high-quality multidisciplinary meetings and the accompanying factsheet Quick reference for high-quality cancer multidisciplinary meetings provides a framework and toolkit to support district health boards (DHBs) in establishing and implementing high-quality multidisciplinary meetings (MDMs).


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MDMs are deliberate, regular meetings either face-to-face or via videoconference at which health professionals with expertise in a range of different specialities discuss the options for patients’ treatment and care prospectively. Prospective treatment and care planning involves making recommendations in real time, with an initial focus on the patient’s primary treatment. MDMs facilitate a holistic approach to the treatment and care of the patient.

International evidence shows that multidisciplinary care is a key part of providing best-practice treatment and care for patients with cancer. Multidisciplinary care involves a team approach to planning treatment and providing care for cancer patients as they move along the pathway of services they need.

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