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Step 2: Investigate Technology & Resources


Before you can develop a business case for the implementation of a telehealth programme, you need to be clear on what technology you need, what the associated costs.

Due to the technological nature of telehealth, often the assumption is that the main cost of a telehealth programme will be the technical equipment. While this is true to some extent, there are other, less visible costs that also need to be considered. From staffing and general running costs through to maintenance contracts and high speed network connections – prior to writing your business case, these must be investigated.

Key questions to answer in Step 2

  • Which telehealth services has our organisation decided to provide to the community?
  • What type of technology is required to run these services? More information
  • Do we already own any of the equipment required?
  • What are the costs of purchasing new equipment to start a telehealth programme?
  • Do we need to hire extra staff to support such a programme and if so, what would be their estimated annual salary?
  • What is the estimated demand for the telehealth services we would provide?