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Step 4: Implementing the Programme


Having completed Steps 1 – 3, you are most likely at the stage where you are ready to bring the Working Plan and Communication Plan into action. We recommend, however, that before you purchase any equipment you run through the check list here to ensure your organisation is 100% ready to implement before any purchase is made.

Prior to Programme Launch

  1. Complete "Before You Purchase" checklist here.
  2. Liaise with all of the stakeholders from the Working Plan to ensure their responsibilities are being completed in accordance with the timeline you have agreed upon. In addition to the obvious IT and administrative input during the purchase and installation phase, this also includes the roll out of the communication plan and the training programme.
  3. Ensure the booking system for the programme is set to run smoothly and that patient and practitioner feedback forms are available.

After Programme Launch

  1. Get feedback from the early participants of the programme to determine any modifications that need to be made.
  2. Manage any changes to room setup, scheduling or equipment in line with feedback from participants.