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Step 5: Evaluate & Improve


Step 5 involves the ongoing evaluation of results in order to identify and implement improvements to the programme where necessary.

Questions to answer in Step 5

  • Is data about the programme's results being collected?
  • Is the programme meeting its objectives?
  • Does feedback suggest that the implementation of changes would improve outcomes?
  • Have any challenges or barriers to success been identified?

1) Performance Monitoring

  • Collect the data outlined in your Performance Monitoring Plan in order to analyse any trends and create performance monitoring reports.
  • Obtain feedback from patients and practitioners using feedback forms completed immediately after telehealth sessions. Feedback forms are available here.

2) Improvement reports

  • Using the data collected, create a report identifying areas for potential improvement and circulate with the relevant teams or staff members responsible.

3) Implement Improvements

  • Based on the analysis of the data provided, implement necessary changes and monitor results to ensure the programme meets its objectives.