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Telemonitoring Project Success - Feb 2015 staying strong

Staying Strong was a collaborative pilot between integratedliving, Australia's First Peoples and the Department of Health to specifically trial telehealth with older Aboriginal people to improve access to health services and build capacity for self-management of people's own health conditions.

The pilot which was independantly reviewed by Cartwright Consulting, successfully demonstrated that telemonitoring can be applied to the clinical management of patients with multiple morbidities; capturing documented evidence that showcase how telehealth monitoring enabled better health outcomes; and identifying a range of factors that would either support or inhibit the uptake of telehealth opportunities within this population group.

The pilot project also found that the telehealth model can be useful in reducing the cost burden of healthcare, showing that the remote telehealth monitoring model costs less than half of the face-to-face model, demonstrating that telehealth monitoring is a cost effective way to deliver better health outcomes for people living in regional, rural and remote Australia

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