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Using telehealth to improve access to care - 26/2/2015using telehealth

New Zealand Telehealth Forum Chair Dr John Garrett has welcomed a statement from the Medical Council about the growth in telemedicine.

Medical Council Chairman Andrew Connolly said the concept of telemedicine was fantastic, and potentially offered benefits to patients and doctors alike.

He said the challenges as telemedicine became increasingly mainstream were to ensure there were appropriate standards to protect patients and that doctors practising telemedicine were competent.

Dr Garrett said there are many ways telehealth can be used to improve access to quality care for patients.

"We are pleased to see the growth of telemedicine in the primary sector. Telemedicine has been in use for some time now in the hospital sector, with the protocols for specialists seeing patients being well established," he said.

"We are now seeing growth in its use by GPs and other community providers, and it is good to have a clear statement from the Council."

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