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Site visits:
Before you implement a telehealth programme our team can offer you a free site visit to help you determine your organisation's needs and provide advice on what type of system might be appropriate. As we do not sell any hardware or software, our advice focuses solely on the best solution for your organisation.

We offer free training workshops year round on the basics of telehealth. Designed specifically for medical professionals and administrative staff in the medical industry who are new to telehealth, our workshops will provide you with a clear understanding of the concepts, equipment and logistics involved. We can also provide in-house training workshops, with the programme designed around the telehealth equipment your organisation uses.

If you or your organisation would like to see a telehealth programme in action before committing to starting one yourself, we can offer a free demonstration to show such programmes' potential.

Our team is available by phone or email during business hours throughout the year to help with any problems, queries or complaints you have regarding telehealth.

We can provide your organisation with an in depth review of your telehealth programme at any stage.