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Infrastructure Deployment


There are three broad ways to deploy a TeleHealth infrastructure:t:

1) Purchase your own equipment:

Large organisations, especially those on a private network will choose to deploy their own infrastructure. While this gives you full control, many solutions require extensive capital expenditure, ongoing support, and a high level of technical expertise.

2) Subscription Services:

For some organisations, paying a regular monthly charge for each endpoint is the most cost effective and scalable solution. There are providers offering this service on private networks and on the public internet, see:

  • Connected Health – Spark Digital and Dimension Data and Vivid Solutions
  • Other Private Networks – DimensionData and Spark Digital ReadyCloud are a few examples
  • Public Internet - Asnet MeetNow, FaceMe, SmartPresence, SmartCloud

3) Free Services

There are also many free providers on the internet such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts

It must be determined during implementation if these solutions, especially those provided on the public internet, will meet the standards required for telehealth services.