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Private Networks


Private networks are networks that are restricted to specific users - for example, a hospital or a wider DHB network. Part of a public network may be restricted for you also, this is called a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The benefit of a private network is that it is controlled so that connection speeds for TeleHealth are more predictable and reliable. The disadvantage is if you need to make a TeleHealth session outside the private network then you may be restricted.

Connected Health

Connected Health is a network governed by the Ministry of Health and was established for the safe sharing of health information. It is a standards-based, commercial model for the delivery of universal connectivity across the New Zealand health sector. Registered users must connect to the network by a certified supplier. There are commercial costs of utilising the network; this will generally be determined by the connection speed required. Connected Health is evolving as the central network for many larger health organisations' Telehealth setup.

Service Providers

The three main managed network providers for health related video conferencing are Dimension Data, Spark Digital and Vivid Solutions. There are other commercial providers able to provide private networks as required and we expect there will be  more over time.

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