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Welcome to the NZ Telehealth Resource Centre, jointly developed by Mobile Health and the New Zealand Telehealth Forum.

The New Zealand Health System faces real issues in relation to the demands placed upon it by an aging population facing increasingly complex medical problems. In addition, there is an ongoing need to ensure equality of access to healthcare for all New Zealanders. We believe that telehealth, thoughtfully applied to the right clincial situation, enables the delivery of better, more cost effective healthcare.

Hopefully you are here because you want to set up or improve a telehealth service. Our goal has been to bring together guidance and resources that should make doing so more efficient and effective, offering you the support you need as you go. 


What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the term for the use of information and communication technologies to deliver healthcare when patients and care providers are not in the same physical location.

Case Studies

Telehealth has many benefits including better access to and monitoring of health care and lower costs for providers. Case studies of telehealth services in practice give examples of the benefits.


A strong implementation plan will ensure that you have the support, skills and equipment required to maximise the benefits your organisation will receive from telehealth.