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The Selwyn Foundation
Telehealth Pilot for Health Independence - Oct 2015

SelwynThe Selwyn Foundation is currently using a telehealth pilot to monitor the health of elderly patients remotely using touch screen technology.

The system was designed to aid people over 65 who have been diagnosed with a chronic disease such as high blood pressure or an airway disease. The purpose is to aid people in managing their own health and provides remote monitoring and support.

Patients are able to monitor and record their vital signs with the 'My Health Clinic at Home' service daily. Results are securely transmitted to a telehealth nurse and reviewed. Video conference facilities are the available to discuss any necessary changes to health management. This is a supplementary service that is used in conjunction with the patients current care provision. Results are shared with the patient's clinician to assist in management of their condition.

The pilot program will involve 20 participants, using a touch screen tablet and health measuring devices. These measure weight, oxygen saturation, blood glucose, blood pressure and body temperature. This is a free trial and is designed to be simple and easy to use for those with limited or no computer experience. All training, equipment and internet access is provided by the Selwyn Foundation.

The intended purpose of this pilot is to empower people through education and self-management of health issues. It is designed to reinforce GP's recommendations and facilitate early intervention of health care problems which will hopefully aid in maintaining wellness and reduce the burden of an aging population on the healthcare system.
In addition to the medical monitoring, smart house technology is available with safety monitoring devices available. This includes an alarm pendant, smoke detector as well as movement and fall detectors.

The pilot will run for 6 months, ending in December 2015. It was developed with the aid of Feros Care Telehealth Services who have been involved in providing telehealth solutions for the elderly in Australia for the last 6 years.

The pilot has been approved by the Health and Disability Ethics Committee and is being independently evaluated by the University of Auckland's UniServices. It is hoped that the technology will be made available in 2016.

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